Managing agents property maintenance

Managing agents property maintenance

Managing agents property maintenance services – Now available


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Paul says: “If you’re managing agents property maintenance with properties in the Blackpool Ring Road area, already registered with me, you can place your booking using the form below.

I will provide invoices together with images and job sheets for each job if required.”

Types of landlord services

I offer general maintenance services such as

  • Re-attaching broken venetian blind.
  • Installing cupboard railing.
  • Replacing leaking shower head.
  • Putting outlet pipes back in place.
  • Clear blockages in kitchen.
  • Fixing towel rail.
  • Replacing light fittings or bulbs.

External services such as cleaning wooden decks or garden furniture, fixing broken garden gates, replacing garden gate locks are offered as well.

I am available for any garden service such as clearing overgrown ivy or repairing garden fences.

Whatever your needs are I’m sure I can accommodate you.

Any questions?

Please contact me to register and discuss your requirements.

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Tel: 07871 158 797